You Might Be A Mental Case. (WWE Fan Version)

Before you read this, you need to Google Jeff Foxworthy and see how he delivers his “You might be a redneck” lines to get a feel for how my new blog here should be read.

If you feel that a wrestler who decides that he/she wants a life outside of wrestling has turned their back on you and the entire world….you might be a mental case(plus you need a life).

If you believe that a wrestler, even a retired one, owes you his/her life because by buying tickets you are his/her boss………you might be a mental case.

If a wrestler’s privacy is invaded day in and day out, and your first thought is, “Well, with all the money he’s made because of his fans, and he knew what he was getting into when he chose this career, then he just shouldn’t leave his apartment and have a life if he doesn’t want bothered.”……………..perchance, you might be a mental case.

If you violently hate Seth Rollins because you truly believe that he turned his back on his faction………………you are quite possibly a mental case.

If you have told people that you could “take” a certain wrestler………………………….you just might be a delusional mental case.

If you think that those who do not like John Cena are bad, bad people……………………………….you are pretty much a mental case.

If you cannot grasp the concept that the Wrestlers are following a script, in spite of all of the evidence……………… might be a mental case.

If you truly believe that when a wrestler jumps into the audience as part of the show he/she is fair game………….you are probably a mental case.

If you post constantly about what you would like to do to female wrestler’s private parts on a wrestling site, and you post like you would rape them in a heartbeat………….you are a friggin’ pig of a mental case.

And finally……If you wish physical harm, injury, death, or even loss of a job on a wrestler you dislike……………..YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY A MENTAL CASE!

Those of you who have entertained any of the thoughts above should check yourselves into the nearest mental facility, and seek help immediately.

Musings about WWE.

These are just opinions and random thoughts.

The tag team division is disintegrating, and The Usos need competition. I thought I’d jot down teams that I thought could get the division going again. At the very least, some competition for the Usos.

1. The Awesome Truth-Neither of these guys are relevant at this point in time. In my opinion, they were rather entertaining as a team. Why not pair them up again?

2. Harper and Rowan-These two can still be Wyatt’s henchman, but could be a formidable tag team as well.

3. Rybaxel-Keep them together.

4. Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow as The Show Offs-Neither of them are being used wisely right now anyway, so why not?

5. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel.

Absolute stupidity and scariness coming from people on the internet that comment on wrestling:

Scary-Some obviously mentally ill “fans” have posted that CM Punk owes it to his fans to give up his privacy. They say he is rich because of the WWE and the fans buy tickets so they are his bosses. According to these nut jobs, the fact that he is wealthy because of his time in WWE means that he has less rights than anyone else. People have gone so far as to say that if he doesn’t want to be bothered, he shouldn’t go out in public at all. I mean, the guy can’t even use the restroom without someone writing an article on how he’s returning to the WWE because he went number 2. Why do I have the feeling that Punk is going to be abducted soon? He needs a few bodyguards I think.

Stupid-Someone actually said that The Shield teaming with Cena will help “elevate” their status because the kids will love them more.

Let that one sink in.

Shows that would be fun, or a good idea to add to the WWE Network:

A Divas only wrestling show. The ladies should still be featured on Raw and events, but maybe if they had their own wrestling show they could practice their skills and be featured much more.

A show that features the training process of wrestlers, in depth. Not a competition show like “Tough Enough”. That is not what I mean.

Comedy skits and improv featuring various wrestlers. I’m not talking about using just the lower card wrestlers, or comedy relief wrestlers for this either.

A blooper show. We already know all about kayfabe. So, show us some outtakes and goof ups.

A prank/practical joke show where wrestlers prank other wrestlers, staff members, and even the fans.

Give Dean Ambrose a God Damn show!

I’ll probably post more of my random thoughts about WWE from time to time. The above are the most recent.

Review of the recent Godzilla movie.

Warning-contains spoilers.

I loved this movie. The special effects weren’t cheesy. In fact, they were great. This Godzilla looked so much like a better, high tech version of the original from the sixties. The storyline was intriguing, and the build-up ominous. You’d see a tail here and there. Some scales. The big G’s fins. I got to the point where I was chompin’ at the bit to see the monstrosity. As it turns out, the wait was well worth it. Just wait until you see the tsunami scene.

The battle scenes between the monsters were fun to watch, and highly entertaining. I don’t think there was ever a minute of this film where I was bored. Godzilla was not unrealistically silly like,…Transformers. You might be thinking, “Realistic? Godzilla?” Allow me to explain. In the Transformers, autobots crashed to the ground, and through buildings, but not one human got smashed or crushed or injured. The movie Godzilla however, is realistic in the fact that people do get crushed, smashed, and injured. If you think about it, doesn’t it make sense?

It is worth mentioning that Ken Watanabe, and Bryan Cranston played interesting stand out characters.

Raw Review for 5/19/14.

The Wyatt promo was amazing as always.

Good on London for reacting to Cena the way we should be in the U.S.A. That being said, the dubbing was retarded. I didn’t see the point of it. As I’ve stated in another blog, they should just stop the dubbing altogether. Speaking of retardism, Cena was his usual annoying self. That wink and smirk that he gave The Wyatts was so irritatingly arrogant. He also smirked at the audience. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure he’ll book himself to destroy Wyatt. The truth has come out. He does make these decisions. Respected wrestlers have said so.

Paul Heyman is freakin’ hilarious. The man NEVER has an off night. I know he’s a heel, but how can anyone dislike a guy that is so damn entertaining?

Fandango/Layla/Summer Rae- JBL sure changed his tune. Last week when FD and Layla kissed, he was saying, “This is unnecessary. Get the cameras off of this”. On this episode he was defending their romance. I don’t like how WWE expects us to forget things when they change week by week. Get some continuity!

Summer looked “meh” for some reason. Her hair style and makeup seemed to make her nose look like a beak. Don’t get me wrong. I really like Summer Rae. She looked kind of stupid at the end though when she kept rubbing her lips. That was overdone. She looked silly doing it so many times. This will be a cool feud. I’m looking forward to it.

The Funkadactyl’s thing was beyond dumb, and a waste. Truth kept pulling the mic away too soon. What was the deal with that?

Lana/Rusev/Union Jacks-When the Union Jacks entered, I was expecting Los Matadores and El Torito to come out to face them yet again. I was relieved when Lana came out. She was great as usual, especially when she slowly said, “Resistance is futile” with the perfect emphasis. Rusev is really starting to look like a monster too. It’s just sad that he’ll probably be fed to SuperGeek.

Speaking of that dweeb, that backstage segment was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. To me, he and The Usos just looked like idiots.

Alicia Fox/Paige- I was surprised that management had the Diva’s champion get pinned in her hometown. It was a clean pin too. I’m guessing WWE wants Fox to look like a legitimate threat because they are going to feud. Why can’t they do this with Cena and his conflicts? Lol. Anyway, this was an entertaining match. I am loving the psycho Alicia Fox. Internet people are wrongly calling her a crybaby. She won! She was celebrating in a batshit crazy way. That is not being a crybaby. I loved the “What the Hell is she doing now” looks on all the announcer’s faces. JBL saying he was scared of her, and that he called the police because she took his hat last week was so funny. I thought it was awesome the way she terrorized the audience, especially when she flung soda from her hair onto the fans. They seemed to actually enjoy the way she was getting in their faces and telling them to shut up. Wow. Fans playing along and enjoying a Diva segment! It is about time. Go Alicia Go!

Mark Henry/Dolph Ziggler- I know people are excited that Ziggy didn’t lose yet again, but come on. Pinning Mark Henry? Poor Mark. It doesn’t seem right.

Adam Rose Segment- Did Colter call Renee Ralene? I’d swear I heard him say that. JBL was comedy gold during this interview/confrontation. I mean he was on a roll. I rolled when he said Zeb was like Winston Churchill. But, his issues with that “bunny” are absolutely hilarious. Here are some quotes that I loved: “I hate bunnies”, Hashtag Stupid Bunny”, “I hope Swagger kicks that bunnies head off”, “Kick the rabbit”, “Go to commercial”, “He probably has rabies”, “How did that thing get through customs?”, “Put him down. Euthenize the bunny now!”, “Have these people been tested for germs?”. In addition, when the bunny hugged someone, JBL said that they needed to now “take a bath”. Last week, I forgot to mention an awesome quote from him during another Rose segment. “These Rosebuds are like rejects from The Rocky Horror Picture Show!” Lol!

The Shield/Evolution- Awesome! Rollins was fabulous in the ring. He had great chemistry with Batista. Ambrose was pure gold on commentary. The brawling outside the ring with Orton and HHH and Ambrose and Reigns was a lot of fun to watch. Ambrose saying that Reigns’ mom hit him harder than Orton did when Roman’s eye was injured, and Reigns saying, “True Story” , was precious. I’m looking forward to this conflict at Payback.

Cena/The Wyatts/The Usos- Geez. Johnnyboy and The USOs are like the goof patrol. I feel bad for Jimmy and Jey. In my opinion, them teaming with Fruity Pebble makes them look weak. They are like sidekicks. The ending was good when The Wyatts got the better of Cena. And…..Harper is a talent to really watch.
Did anyone else notice John smiling sarcastically at, and making “Bring it on” motions towards the audience?

The announcers gushing over, and overdoing the talking up of Mr. Green Shirt is getting very tacky. I am very sick of hearing them comment every week about how the detractors fuel Cena’s fire. Good God.

Well there you have it. In spite of a few annoyances, I enjoyed this episode. It was entertaining.

The Total Divas Show Could Ruin Naomi.

Quite a few have sung the praises of WWE Diva Naomi. They say she was a dynamo in FCW. When she wrestles on Raw, many acknowledge her talent. Others say she is not yet ready for a “push”. In my opinion, she is never going to get to shine as a female wrestler as long as she is associated with Total Divas. In addition, she will never be ready for that push that many believe she deserves. It was bad enough that she had to be a damn Funkadactyl. Now they’ve lumped her with “Bimbos Are Us”. This is what the TDs look like in their show and on Raw/SD. Bimbos. Dumb ones at that.

All Naomi ever gets to do is team with the others from the “reality”(yeah right)show in stupid one minute matches. How can she show what she is capable of in a match like that when she has to share the one minute with five others? This won’t give her much room to improve either. Not to mention that Eva Marie, the no talent putz, is always the one getting the pin.

These ladies are not lucky to be featured on that show. It makes them look stupid, and sadly it is causing the Diva’s division to get less respect(if that is even possible)than it already has. How can anyone take anything seriously that makes a selfish bitch the face, and the one whose feelings were crushed the heel? The storyline was pretty pathetic too. At least there was a storyline, albeit an insulting one. As I’ve mentioned before, the only storylines around for quite a while in the division were, “TDs good, non TDs bad”. Naomi shouldn’t be a part of this mess. It will only bring her down. She will only look foolish like the rest of the TD cast.

Naomi is getting more exposure(I guess maybe from woman and teen girls)by being on the show. I can’t blame her for doing the show either. She’s no doubt being well paid, and she most likely thought, at first, that it might get her major popularity. But, as far as the popularity goes, she’s just lumped in with the others. What good does that do towards getting noticed? The Funkadactyl won’t get a chance at the “wrestling” spotlight as long as she is a Total Diva.

Unless she is given time to wrestle on her own on several episodes of RAW, she won’t get an opportunity to be in the title scene. Fans can rave about her past work all they want, but the past is irrelevant as long as she is seen as a dumb bimbo, and not a serious contender.

Thoughts About Raw 5/12/14. Part 2.

Ryback/Sheamus-This was a really good match. Both men were excellent and meshed well. Ryback is so damn underrated and underappreciated. He’s entertaining on the mic, and can wrestle pretty well in my opinion. Sheamus has been growing on me. I never could stand him as the Irish John Cena. However, since he’s returned, his character has been subtly changing. Even if they don’t turn him heel, if he keeps up what he’s doing, it will be fine. He is definitely impressive in the ring.

Damien Sandow-Okay, wtf did this guy do to piss people off? There has to be something that we don’t know about. I mean geez. Why else would they make such a talented guy a jobber? What a waste. This actually makes me a little sad.

Cena/Usos versus The Wyatts-I thought this match was predictable and below average. Both the USOs and Cena annoy me something fierce. And those damn flags in the back of Jimmy and Jay’s…ugh. I pretty much mute anything involving Cena anyway.

Shield/Evolution Closing Segment-Seeing these two teams go at it is a treat. All of their conflicts are entertaining. And… I love how we are getting to see these guys several times an episode. I don’t agree with those that are complaining that The Shield took out all those guys like a trio of Cenas. They were being destroyed. They only took all of the others out because they had chairs. So, they needed weapons. There was nothing SuperCenaish (lol) about it.

Well there you have it. I enjoyed this episode. Raw has been getting better. Wayyyyy better. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thoughts About Raw 5/12/2014. Part 1.

Opening segment with The Shield/Evolution-I am not a Reigns hater by any means. I love my Shield boys. However, sweet, sexy Roman almost ruined the segment. The energy was high. Ambrose and Rollins were awesome on that mic. As soon as Roman started to talk, the energy went wayyyy down. It almost seems like someone told him to speak like he’s seducing a woman. I don’t think this is a good idea. Randy looked great in the suit he was wearing by the way.

Adam Rose/Zeb Colter/Jack Swagger Segment-It is hard not to get into that theme music of Rose. What really made this segment for me were JBL’s comments about the dancing bunny. He even referenced Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” movie. People you need to at least google the killer rabbit scene from that film. I digress lol. Mr. Layfield acted so disturbed by that bunny, and it was amusing. Colter’s deportation list always gets a laugh out of me as well. Oh, and Michael Cole is a dweeby goof. People complained about him as a heel. He’s farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr more annoying as the face/kiss up/nerdy announcer.

The Divas-I don’t want to get my hopes up. and I don’t want this to be a fluke, but the ladies are getting more time, and more of them are getting to be on the show. The love story between Fandango and Layla is cute. These two have great chemistry. Alicia Fox showed some kick ass personality, and Lana is just amazing. So basically, some of these gals are really trying. I hope they keep it up. Now the parts that I hated with the women: This Total Divas crap is horrible. I mean wtf? These Divas from the show look like dumb bimbos. They are humiliating themselves. They taped the TD episodes a long time ago and then try to act like this stuff just happened yesterday. Puhleeze. Plus, the whole conflict was beyond dumb. And they presented it like Natalya was the heel, and Nikki was the face. Helloooooo. In any script, the person whose feelings were hurt by a callous bitch should be the face. The person being the callous bitch should be the heel. I don’t get what WWE was thinking there. And Nikki beating Nattie? Seriously? The other TDs didn’t seem to care that Nattie had hurt feelings either. They looked so ridiculous over there with those stupid number cards.

Another thing that I did not care for in regards to the Divas was the way the Paige/Alicia match was done. Why does Paige have to be the female Cena, getting her ass kicked the entire match, then winning in the last second? They can have her win, but why not let them both shine? I don’t see the reasoning behind the way the match was handled. Well, at least these women are getting more to do. So I’ll look at this as a “glass half full” type of thing.

Well, good night all. I’ll try to get part 2 up tomorrow evening. It will include my thoughts on Sandow, Cena, The Usos, The Wyatts, Ryback, and Sheamus. I will also discuss the closing of the show with The Shield and Evolution.