Subscription Box Review: Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag.

Inside the envelope, this was the packaging:

bagThe sticker is really cute. It says, “From Rainbow Honey Labs”.

Below is what was under the wrappings:


All of the products are by Rainbow Honey. I subscribe to the mini bag, so they are mini, not full sized. Honestly though, these mini sizes are rather substantial, and you get quite a bit of product in each item.

The following are the products I received, their volume/size, and information from the included card:

Modern Hearts, 5 ml-A mix of peach, pink, and neon matte glitters with white hearts in a shimmery base. (Glitter Top Coat Nail Polish)

488nm, 5 ml-A brand new solid blue azure crème, part of an upcoming 2015 collection! Oooh, a sneak peak! (Nail Polish)

Royal Fruits Scented Top Coat, 5 ml-(Nail Polish Top Coat)

Royal Fruits Cuticle Balm, .15 oz-Scented cuticle balm that is enriched with vitamin E, and protects your cuticles and nailbeds.

Royal Fruits Eau de Parfum Rollerball, 4 ml.

Summer Juice Body Splash, 1 oz

All of the above are brand new, upcoming products.

The full sized mystery bag products would be 15 ml for the polishes, 12 ml for the parfum, and 4 oz for the splash. The balm is the same size in the full bag as it is in the mini.

The scents are deliciously fruity and juicy, which I happen to love.

Below are labeled swatches of the polishes. One swatch is the polishes layered together.


Oh, I almost forgot. Included in the mini bag was a code for 20% off of a purchase at Rainbow Honey’s online shop. I intend to use it. You should see the unique, gorgeous shades, fragrances, and scents that they offer.


Mini Mystery Bag-$10 plus S+H.

Large Mystery Bag-$25 with free US shipping.

The fee is recurring each month. You will be sent nail polishes, fragrances, and bath and body products.


This is another subscription that I really, really like.


Check out this link to subscribe, or even just look through their shop.










Subscription Box Review: Ipsy Glam Bag.

The packaging that the bag came in was a pink, shiny envelope.     

Ipsy2 This is everything that was in the bag, or came with it. The card on the left is all about this month’s theme, “Beauty Schooled”.

This subscription service is $10 a month.

Contents of my box:    

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

J. Cat Beauty Flying Solo Eye Shadow

Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner

Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk

The lip conditioner is full size. Everything else are deluxe sample sizes. They are a bit larger than your typical, tiny samples. At Sephora and Ulta you have to purchase anywhere from $25 to $50 worth of full size products before they give you the larger samples like these for free. So you are getting your money’s worth and a bit more with this beauty subscription service, especially since a cute makeup bag is always included. You get a new design each month.


I love the lip conditioner. I will definitely use it ALOT . It feels nice on the lips, and has a fresh citrus smell. The bag design is adorable. The other products are decent. I have to say I’ve seen products that I was far more excited about on Ipsy unboxings for past bags that I’ve viewed on YouTube. $10 is a reasonable price, so I will see what products I get in the next few months before I truly have a final verdict.

Subscription Box Review: Square Hue Nail Polish Box.

My first month’s box, and the free surprise box that I received for getting a subscription:


The surprise box on the left is the Rio Collection. The box on the right is the Beverly Hills Collection.

Here are the swatches, which I have labeled:


The cards that came with these collections explained the type of polishes featured.  For example: In the Rio set, Leblon is a shimmer, Ipanema is a micro glitter, and Copacabana is a glitter polish. In the Beverly Hills set, Rodeo Drive is a micro glitter, and Cannon Drive, as well as Wilshire Boulevard are both micro shimmers.

How it works:

Every month, Square Hue sends its members the newest collection that has been prepared in the company laboratories. New formulas and colors are created each month. Next Month’s feature is the Sydney Collection which I must admit I am excited about. The Square Hue website will give you clues about what is featured in upcoming boxes, but not so much of a spoiler that it ruins your surprise. The cost of this subscription is $14.99 a month plus $5 S + H per month. This total of $19.99 per month is a recurring charge until you cancel.


I really like the design of these easy to store bottles. The colors are gorgeous, and the polish applies smoothly. Most importantly, these polishes didn’t begin to chip for about 7 days. Even then, the chipping was very tiny, and only in the top corners of the nail.  I am a nail polish addict, so I’ve tried many brands. I can honestly say that Square Hue has been the longest lasting on my fingernails. This is a subscription that I will be sticking with.

If you are interested, Square Hue is still offering the free surprise box.

Subscription Box Review: My Kandy Box Tease Me Box, and Mini Box.

This company offers single boxes that you can order separately as opposed to monthly subscriptions. I ordered the Tease Me Box for $14.95, and the Mini Box for $12.95. Both were one time charges. The Kandy Box Website is offering larger boxes that you can preorder for October, November, and December. These give you about 8 full size products in each. Those are all $24.95. Shipping and handling for their boxes is free.

The Tease Me Box:  This box is a teaser for Krav Cosmetics lip products. I received a full size lipstick, and a full size lip treatment cream. Krav charges $14.95 for just the lipstick, so the price was a nice little deal since the lip cream was an extra.


tease Kandypkgs


Contents of Tease Me Box:

Cotton Candy Lipstick-  $14.95  Lovely packaging!

Vitamin C Lip Treatment- $9.95

Total Value: $24.90

Contents of Mini Box:

Full Size Baby Lips By Maybelline Moisturizing Lip Balm-  $3.99

Full Size Liner 101 Eyeliner With Sharpener By Kleancolor in Viridian Green-  $1.49 at the Kleancolor website, but this color was not found there.

.34 oz. Sample Size Package of Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Cream For Hair-The full size bottle is $28, however this size is like the kind of free samples that you get from shopping at the Sephora and Ulta websites.

2 ml tube of Nars Multi Protect Primer SPF 30 with UVA and UVB protection-The full size is $36, but like the Macadamia product, this is a sample size that you might get at the Sephora, or Ulta sites.

A very pretty, on trend, silver tone ring with sapphire colored crystals-I looked, but when you do not know what company sells the ring, you cannot find retail value. It is a good quality though, not at all cheaply made.

Total Value: ?

The lip treatment and Baby Lips Balm go on sheer. The latter has a nice minty scent.

Here is a swatch of the Krav Lipstick:


I love this!  It is absolutely gorgeous on my lips. It is creamy, and glides on smoothly.


The Tease Me Box was worth more than the actual price, and the lipstick is great, so
I am very pleased with this box.

Although I really cannot determine the value of the Mini Box, I was not disappointed in it. I think the ring might have brought the value of this one up to the $12.95 that I paid for it. So, I at least got what I paid for.

I am going to give the large October box a try.



Paper Dots Revisited.

I realized today that in my excitement for this box I’d forgotten to check retail value. I’m disappointed to tell you that what I received had a total value that was less than what I paid. This is a shame because I was so tickled to receive a book and gift chosen especially for me. I love the concept of this subscription, and will give the company another chance. We will see what happens next month. I just firmly believe that if I can’t get more product for my buck, I should at the very least get my money’s worth. I have no idea why a box worth $16.38 would be priced at $25. I mean they even charged S+H on top of that. It wasn’t included in the $25 fee. I chose the paperback subscription. I am seriously wondering if those who paid $30.00 plus S+H for hard cover are getting what they paid for. Am I missing something? Maybe the rest of the cost was for the people choosing my selections. That still seems a bit odd even if that is the case. The website did not say anything about that in writing.

Let’s break it down.  The book, The Dinner,  had a value of $14. The salad plate gift, although very nice, is available at Walmart for $2.38. Total Value-$16.38.

Again, I love the idea of this subscription, and will give it another month. My next step will be to contact the company.  Maybe they could send 2 books, or 1 book and 2 gifts to justify the cost. I will probably suggest that to them. I know that they need to make money from this venture, but that should not be done by sending customers less than their money’s worth.

Subscription Box Review: Paper Dots.

I am actually subscribing to this one. It isn’t a “try Out” box.  They do not offer those. I love to read, and the concept of “Literary Experts” selecting books for me is intriguing. I completed a questionnaire at the company’s website that was designed to aide the curators in choosing books that match my preferences. I had a choice between paperback or hard cover. The paperback subscription is $25 a month, and the hard cover subscription is $30 per month. These charges are recurring until I cancel. Both have the same S+H charge of $2.99. Each month they send you a book and a gift. The gift is something that enhances the reading experience and/or follows the theme of the selection that is sent. I was sent a very pretty plate. My book is called The Dinner. See how the theme was followed?

Paper Dots really does follow your questionnaire in choosing your book. I have watched other unboxings for this month, and each person received different items. So, this truly is personalized. They are not just sending everyone the same books and gifts.  I stated on my questionnaire that I liked male writers, and the horror genre. In addition, I stated that I had no interest in vampires or zombies in my horror.  So far so good.  They sent me a novel by a male author. The reviews say it is “chilling”, and it contains no vampires or zombies. As a matter of fact, I’ve started reading the book, The Dinner by Herman Koch , and I am enjoying it so far. Granted I am only on chapter 4. I like it though, and I will happily continue.

Paper Dots

The photo above shows the plate, as well as the cute way that my book was wrapped.

Below is a snapshot of the book.


Needless to say, I am happy with my first box from Paper Dots. I will continue subscribing.

Check it out if you are interested:

Subscription Box Review: Perfumes For A Buck.

Now that I’m getting into the subscription box craze, I got to thinking. Something I used to subscribe to came to mind. At the time, I wasn’t aware of subscription boxes, but now that I think about it, Perfumes For A Buck was indeed a subscription box. I no longer subscribe to it because I now have a ton of fragrance to get through. I knew that if I didn’t stop the subscription, I would never be able to get through the expensive perfumes that I had already purchased before it expired. As much as they cost, I was ignoring my “stash” to use all the great stuff that I received during my subscription. Of course, If I had known about this service before I purchased fragrances for my collection, I never would have had to spend the money to begin with.

I didn’t know at the time that I’d be doing subscription box reviews, so unfortunately I have none of the packaging, or even the samples to show you. I threw them all away as they were finished up. However, if you love trying new fragrances, you should visit the company’s website which I will provide the link to below.

How It Works:

1.  There are hundreds of luxury brand perfumes to choose from.  After you sign up, you peruse the site and make a list of all the scents you would like to try.

2.   You will be charged $12.99, recurring each month, and sent five new samples.

3. They will charge you $1.00 extra for your first month. This is to give you FIVE MORE samples. It is a new member deal. Hence the name, Perfumes For A Buck.

4.  You will receive ten samples your first month, and five more each consecutive month. Since they are sending you what is on your list, you need to keep visiting the site to add to this list. Even if you feel you’ve made a huge list already, visiting regularly is recommended since they are constantly adding new fragrances.

5.  They will send each of your selections in 1ml vials. Some months they send a sample atomizer(with a fragrance from your list) that is a little larger. An invitation to upgrade accompanies the atomizers. The invite explains the different upgrade plans, the sizes of the new samples, and the cost of each new plan. In addition, the service will sometimes add an extra fragrance, free of charge, to your order, in a sample atomizer. This will be something you do not have on your list that they think you might enjoy.

6.  You are sent information about the benefits of different types of scents(Jasmine, Citrus, etc.)

The Packaging:   This is a cute little white box reminiscent of boxes that stores give you when you buy a necklace or pin.  It sports the subscription’s name, and logo. A pretty, nylon, glittery silver ribbon is tied around the box. The vials in the box are wrapped in bubble wrap. These vials are each in a plastic sleeve under the wrap. Also in the box will be invitations, and information cards. The outer packaging used to send the box through the mail varies. Sometimes it is a plastic sleeve envelope, and other times it is a cardboard box. Each of these has even more bubble wrap protecting the actual box holding your items. The return address on the outside package will not say Perfumes For A Buck. It will say, Blueberry Corporation.

The Pros(Random Order):

* You get to try expensive perfumes without breaking the budget.

*More bang for your buck.

*Most of the latest releases are available, even those hard to find fragrances.

*Great help for making a decision as to which luxury fragrance to buy.

*If you need to cancel, it is as easy as going to the “Contact Us” section, and sending an email. I have read a review where it is lamented that it is hard to reach anyone to cancel the subscription. This was not the case for me. I had a response, and my cancellation went through the following day. The charges to my card stopped completely.

The Cons(Random Order):

*None really.

Some Of The Brands Offered(Too Many To List Here Completely LOL):   Thierry Mugler, Burberry, Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, Givenchy, Vera Wang, Coach, Giorgio Armani, and many, many, many more.

Note: The samples are fragrances that have been decanted. This simply means that perfume is extracted from new bottles of the brand, and moved to sample sized vials.

If you are a fragrance junkie, this subscription is perfect for you!